Save Our Courthouse

Dunedin's Courthouse building has been the seat of justice in Dunedin since it was built in 1901.

Following extensive renovation and restoration by the government in 2002, in 2011 it was declared an earthquake risk, and progressively mothballed.

There have been questions raised by reports detailing the further work that needs doing, and what it will cost, that remain unanswered. In the meantime, $6.8m has been spent fitting out temporary courts in an office building on High St, at an ongoing cost of $600,000 a year.

We're calling on Justice Minister Amy Adams - and other Ministers who have a responsibility to the court - to commit to a timeframe for the return of the courts to their home on Lower Stuart St.


It's a better facility.

The shift away from the Dunedin Courthouse has left us with a facility that isn't fit for purpose. This has had a negative impact on the quality of legal services in Dunedin. The cost of setting up, and running, this sub-par service is eye-watering.

It's a beautiful building.

The Dunedin Courthouse is a proud building with a proud history, one that's important to both our social history and our built heritage.

The legal and judiciary professions both have a proud history based here, given its continuous use for their purpose, including the generations of University of Otago graduates being admitted to the bar.

We believe the government needs to lead by example in looking after its heritage buildings.

We've been left out in the cold.

There has been a lack of open and clear communication about the building and its future.

There has been a lack of clarity around the decision-making process.

There has been a lack of information sharing and transparency.

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